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    WallWatcher runs under Microsoft Windows 98 and above.  It collects, displays, and analyses log information from a variety of Routers:



Sample Screen
(Some columns and data are Router model-dependent)


Sample Chart
The green "bump" was the "SQL Slammer" worm attack in late January, 2003
You can select other time periods, other chart appearances, and other information


    Wallwatcher supports several kinds of routers.  Currently, it works with routers that are compatible with the Linksys BEFSR41and BEFSX41, has preliminary support for routers that send log records in "IPTables"-format to the SysLog port (514), and preliminary support for Linksys "RV" and "WRV" routers.

    For example, the standard Linksys WRT54G router does not support external logging, but Sveasoft's modifications to its Firmware have added IPTables-style logging, and some people have tested WallWatcher successfully with that router/firmware combination.  The WallWatcher author has never used that router, has no information about how to find or configure such modified Firmware, and does not necessarily endorse or recommend the use of modified Firmware. An excellent independent source of information about Linksys Routers is the Users' Forum at DSL Reports.

    If your router sends log records to port 162 (SNMPTrap) or port 514 (SysLog), and WallWatcher cannot process those records, you may contact support@wallwatcher.com to find out whether support for your router can be added (no promises!)

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support@wallwatcher.com Please include the program name ("WallWatcher", "WW", "WRV", "GetLog", or "DShield") in the SUBJECT line to bypass the spam filters.